Monday, December 22, 2008

The Cookie that Launched a Thousand Ships

Normally, when people tell me, "You have to try this restaurant," I'm disappointed. My expectations are high and my imagination runs wild. I envision tasting paradise and usually end up sampling something mediocre or just good enough.

So, when I stepped into the Lost and Found Saloon, I tried not to get my hopes up. Especially since I was told that it had the best cookies in town.

Well, it wasn't a lie.

Let's begin with the menu: fresh Southwestern cuisine complimented by the bar's Southwestern decor. Both affordable and delicious. The menu offers options like crab stuffed endives, baked chicken flautas and gazpacho soup. And to top it off, it also had a small but well-picked beer and wine selection. As a suggestion, try the Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Ale.

There is a catch, though: to drink beer or wine, you have to order food. But that's okay. Once you see their beautiful dishes, you'll want to order a meal anyway.

Now the best part: the jumbo chocolate chip cookies. It will make your taste buds ascend into Elysium. No joke; no exaggeration; worth every penny [$4.25 a pop.] If you're not a chocolate chip lover or are allergic, try the White Macedonian Nut instead.

And make sure to order it a la mode; an additional three dollars. Trust me, it's WORTH IT; definitely the best cookies in Miami. Hands down.

So, after reading this blog post, there are only two mistakes you can make: not sampling Lost and Found and not tasting one of their amazing cookies.

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