Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Art Walk this Saturday

Every second Saturday of the month, the art galleries in the Wynwood and Design District open their doors from 7 until 10pm offering us, Miami folk, a peek into their collections. Though I can't guarantee you will always like, understand or respect what you see, the experience of gallery hopping is fun, free and usually involves free wine or beer.

Some nights are better than others. On those off nights, making fun of the pretentiousness of the art world with a group of friends makes it a worthwhile venture. A lot of the so-called high brow art is often nothing more than a quotidian mirror of banality; an illusion of beauty, at best. But, when you see something good, it's damn good. Exceptional art is a reminder that, though as a species we are capable of the most horrible brutality, violence, cruelty and cowardliness, we are also capable of provoking beauty, mystery, tenderness, intelligence, sensitivity and compassion.

Here are a couple of photos taken from past Art Walks:

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