Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miami Spice Time!

Miami Spice is back. Some of the finest (err, most expensive) restaurants in Miami, Miami Beach and South Miami are offering three course lunches for just $24.00 or three course dinners at $36.00. The offer runs until February 12th.

First timers, here are some tips: go to the Miami Spice Web site and look for the list of participating restaurants. This is important because some restaurants only offer the three course dinner or do not offer the specials during the weekend. Also, be aware that each restaurant has a specific Miami Spice menu that is separate from their normal menu. Miami Spice menus typically offer between one to three appetizer choices, two to three main dishes and one to three dessert options. Some restaurants even post their Miami Spice menu online. So, doing a little Web research is worth your time.

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