Wednesday, July 8, 2009

KIDSART: Free Art Program For Children

With all the recent budget cuts in public schools, art programs are often the first to go. But one light at the end of the tunnel exists: Artocenecto's KIDSART.

Artocenecto, a non-profit organization focusing on "connecting the community through art", is offering children in Miami-Dade county an opportunity to discover their inner artist in a series of five free workshops. The sessions will take place in a variety of art studios, from Little Havana to the Upper East Side, and will focus on themes such as recycling, diversity and nature.

Each workshop will be conducted by a South Florida based artist, such as Tracy Hagen, who is planning a collage session involving family photographs.

The sessions will run on Saturdays from July 18 to August 15, beginning at 10 a.m. until noon. Kids ages 7 to 13 can participate. The last day to sign up is tomorrow: July 9.

And here's something to make the deal even sweeter: kids participating in the workshops will have their artwork displayed at the Second Saturday Art Walk in the Wynwood District on September 12.

For more information and registration forms contact:
Danny Brody
Community Relations

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  1. I'm searching around for more examples of artists working with kids. I'd love to see some work from the Artocenecto. There's a Canadian artist Paul Butler that does 'Collage Parties' in galleries inviting kids, adults, anyone from the community. I'm keen to go to one myself. Going to go google Artocenecto now :)