Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good-Bye Blog World

After a year of having this blog, I've decided to close down operations. I just don't see the point of having a blog anymore. Perhaps, I'm having a mid-life crisis, LOL (I'm turning 30 in a month.) I'll leave you with an original poem I wrote a couple of months ago. It's part of an ongoing series I am writing based on mythologies from around the world. Though, I admit there is a heavy emphasis on ancient Greek and Roman myths. I hope to one day publish these poems with the title, One Minute Mythologies. But perhaps, you will see me again in another blog form. Perhaps, I will be reborn as One Minutes Mythologies, an electronic poetry book.


I am one acquainted with the night
the locomotive stance
the wayward glance
I am one acquainted with the night
the animal chance
the black on black dance,
I am one who softly appears
to swiftly disappear
swiftly and softly
behind a smile and a tear,
I am one acquainted with the night
Biting and singing
Luring and fingering
The wayward stance
The black on black chance,
Is this death or just blind romance?


  1. I am sick to my stomach

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you for all your kind words and for reading and supporting my blog. But, after a year of supporting and highlighting local and international art and artists, I've decided to spend more time focusing on my own art. I also initially imagined my blog as a type of forum where ideas could be exchanged and I rarely got comments or reactions on anything I posted. So, for that, I prefer to just keep my own journal. But I am thinking of returning to the blog world, except in another form. The blog will be humorous and not focused on keep your eyes and ears open!

  4. Might as well keep this one going on occasion, I read it when Ed posts the links, it is / was a good blog!

  5. Aún no te vayas Larissa
    no te vayas todavía
    No ves que eres mi alegría?
    que sin tí no tengo risa?
    No entiendo por qué la prisa.
    No comprendo tu sigilo.
    Mas, si ese es tu destino
    y no lo puedo evitar
    yo te invito a visitar
    mi blog Dilo Con Estilo.

  6. It would be sad to see you stop writing on your blog. Maybe keep it up and running but not write as often? Just a suggestion :)

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