Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post Art Basel 2009: Better Late than Never?

Though I did a lot of pre-Basel blog posting, I opted not to share any of my experiences during the multitude of events because there was simply too much to write about. To properly cover everything I saw and experienced, I needed to clone myself five different times. I also felt that posting an endless array of pictures from the different fairs was a disservice to my readers because, without giving the images a proper context, they easily slip into meaningless abstractions.

Having said that, I do want to share one thing that was a welcomed and delightful surprise. One of the many satellite Art Basel fairs I attended - the Red Dot Art Fair - displayed the artwork of one of my favorite photographers, Fan Ho. I discovered him about a year ago and instantly became fascinated with his dreamy landscapes and portraits.

The gallery at the fair that held his body of work was the Palo Alto, CA based Modernbook Gallery. And though they were selling his images for more than what I could afford, they were also selling a book that provided an overview on his photography. I bought the book. I love it. It's beautiful and is laid out in a thoughtful way; gently weaving each image side by side until a narrative forms.

Here are a couple of Fan Ho images:

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