Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free and Always at My Disposal

Last night I had a dream I was on a Caribbean island where a scientist showed me a rare species of penguin fond of hot weather. It sported the usual tuxedo suit but was thin with black and white polka dots on its belly.

The scientist told me I was on an unknown island off the coast of Jamaica, smaller than the size of the Cayman Islands. At that point, he disappeared and so did the penguin. I didn’t ask any questions and accepted his disappearance as a person accepts the bill at the end of a meal.

I looked around me and saw blue as far as my eye could reach. The sun was a hot high noon fireball. I began exploring and reached a road with the ocean on the other side of it. The ocean was dangerously close to the concrete; it was practically overflowing into the street. But it didn’t scare me. I looked towards my right and saw that a part of the island was underwater. The island dealt with it by creating tunnels that islanders swam or canoed through. They did it cheerfully as if it was completely normal. And for some reason, the exaggerated presence of water made me feel as calm as a fountain.

Then, I woke up.

Dreams, who understands them? The who, what, where, when and why gets thrown out the window. But the dream has led me to two conclusions: first, I want a pet penguin.

Second, it’s time I start enjoying one of the best natural resources Miami has to offer: the beach. Now that the weather is warming up, I plan to get grab some rays because it’s free and always at my disposal. So, if you’re ever at a loss for something to do, go out and enjoy either the sun or moon on a soft bed of sand. Plus, a picnic on the beach at night with a bottle of wine is always a winning option.

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  1. the beach at night is divine, I try to fit in sand and the moon at least a couple times a month