Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Breaking News Update


1. I refuse to pay 30 dollars to get into a club. To be fair, though, I've read there are about 2 free events out of 300.
2. I don't like most of the crappy electronic music that will be playing. I prefer The Smiths, Charles Mingus, CocoRosie, Fad Gadget, Diamanda Galas, Dead Can Dance, The Knife, etc. And don't get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with electronic music. I like Ladytron and plenty of other electro-influenced bands. But annoying music is ten times more annoying when you're packed into a sweaty club like a sardine that's selling drinks at $20 dollars a pop.
3. Large groups of drunken Miami people scare me. Let's face it: intelligence and class are not two traits typically found in this type of crowd, which may be the biggest understatement of the year.
4. Parking will be a nightmare - South Beach and downtown become a madhouse during any festival or special event. Plus, on top of paying $30 dollars to get into a club, you will most likely have to pay at least $20 for parking. So, let's do the math: $20 dollars plus $30 dollars equals $50 dollars and you haven't even started drinking yet!
5. I don't like most of the crappy music that will be playing - worth a repeat mention, for sure.


  1. WMC originally started as an exposition of electronic music, so the fact that it is dominant in understandable.

    The other types of music you mention for better or for worse take a back seat for this one week.

    It is the one week in Miami where it kind of goes back to how it used to be, before the profusion of second-rate open format DJs and hipster kids packing Macs full of stolen MP3s.

    That being said, some of those acts you mention do deserve more exposure down here, but unfortunately this isn't the week for it.

    As for parking and so on? There's cabs and what passes for a transit system in these parts.

  2. Douchey McBagginsMarch 24, 2009 at 9:54 PM

    Number 1 reason I avoid the WMC: Douchebags from all over the country convening on South Beach and walking around saying, "Im a DJ", like theyre the toughest kids on the planet with their tank tops and tattoos.

  3. Burrito no like this post and dont like Larissass. Many peoples come from all over for this and si they do drugs and fight and most are dumbs pero what you expect? Ouch! Burrito hurt toe! There 4 WMC rocks! Viva Mexico!

  4. I used to like the Smiths and Dead Can Dance but when I moved to Miami I fell in love with trance and stuff like the Smiths seems boring to me now. So I can't agree with this blog. I enjoyed the WMC when I went in 2001.

  5. pod_bs: Thanks for your thoughtful rebuttal. Though, I live in Kendall and the idea of taking the metrorail or the bus to downtown or Miami Beach doesn't seem appealing...

  6. MLS FOOTBALL: Just curious, have you been to WMC since 2001?

    WMC just isn't for me. But, obviously with its popularity, the majority of Miami disagrees with me.

    It's just not my type of music or scene. I've been listening to Bat for Lashes and Danse Society these days and that may be its polar opposite.

  7. No I have not been to the WMC since '01. I moved away (to Detroit) and have only been back once. I am not familiar with Bat for Lashes and Danse Society, I will check them out.