Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Night's Wine Tasting

Every last Friday of the month, Kendall's Cork and Bottle has a wine tasting that begins at seven and ends at ten. It only costs ten dollars and, if you buy a bottle, you get ten dollars off of it!

I went last night for the first time and it rocked! I was completely inebriated by the end of it and discovered a couple of new and affordable bottles of Malbec that were divine.


  1. We enjoyed our time as well, especially the lax atmosphere. The vendors didn't seem "uppity" and at times even allowed you to pour your own tasting...? The wine selection was decent, but I wish they had more variety (no Pinot). I agree, they had some very good Malbec and Shiraz and decently priced. The $10 coupon (good for a month) they offer is great and more than makes up for the cost of the entry fee.


  2. This was a great idea! Being that Cork n Bottle is a small store it allowed for a laid back and intimate feeling which was perfect way to end a long week. I'm looking forward to the next event this April. T